Read about North Coast Modern in the news: • Jan 4, 2020

“The layout of the bathroom was changed, moving the shower across from a new vanity setup to make room for a floor-to-ceiling window. The vanity, custom made by North Coast Modern, is extra long but features just one sink. “Give me extra counter space, please!” says Alli, who knew the old vanity didn’t have enough for two people to share.” [Read more…] • Sep 26, 2019

Lin, along with the homeowner and North Coast Modern, came up with a vanity design that nods to the [Midcentury] era with its walnut wood and angular tapered legs. [Read more…] • Sep 18, 2017

For the vanity design, Lin passed along ideas and inspiration, and then Buenaventura worked with North Coast Modern to create a piece that fit the space and gave her custom storage, such as an organizer for a hair dryer and curling iron. [Read more…]